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Relevance of OPAL

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OPAL is relevant because it

  1. analyses and peer-reviews the impact of OEP and the use of OER,
  2. establishes and provides guidelines for quality and innovation through OEP which are agreed by a multistakeholder

    European environment,

  3. raises the potential to reconnect groups at risk-of-exclusion to high quality OEP
  4. establishes a EU Consultative Body to foster further wider educational policy goals such as quality, inclusion and efficiency.

As a project promoting OEP, OPAL fosters EU policies in the field of social inclusion and is consistent with the orientation of several intertwined EU policies, and in particular aims to contribute to the achievement of the Lisbon goals, the i2010 initiative, and the Bologna process.

The project is relevant to EU policies in LLL because despite their policy relevance the use of OER in HE and AE has not yet reached a critical threshold due to a focus on 'access issues' and not a change in focus from 'resources' to 'practices'. This is posing an obstacle to a seamless provision of high quality learning resources and practices for citizens’ LLL biography, especially between HE and AE. Therefore OPAL will foster OEP in HE and AE with a better quality and innovative educational practices, establish a European Consultative Group which will work towards feeding a quality and innovation agenda into existing OER initiatives and elevate the projects results onto a EU level of perception. OPAL will study and analyse the use of OEP from a holistic perspective taking into account views of the OEP governance community, will elaborate and validate guidelines, use it for peer-review of resources and practices which will be linked in a EU OE Quality Clearinghouse, establish a register of organisations joining the EU Charter on Quality and Innovation through OEP and will establish an Innovation Award.




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